Rustichellà de Ambruzzo SpA.

Seit 01.04.2020 in der Betreuung (Key Account Management).


  • Auslotung Chancen Premium Pasta (trocken) im deutschen Lebensmittelhandel
  • Pricing
  • Distributiuon
  • Sell-In, etc.

USC is helping us to make the most of German market, which is large and complex. It is essential for a premium Italian company like Rustichella d’Abruzzoto have a highly professional partner like USC representing, promoting and exploiting all our potential in the most important European market. ItalianPremium products and German reliability are a good match to offer ourcustomers simply the best food by the best service.

O-Ton von Giovanni Intilla

Export Manager, Rustichellà de Ambruzzo SpA